• 1. Do you keep my credit card information?

  • Customer's credit card information is a big liability. Our system and payment gateway is made so that no credit card number is stored in our system. Once the customer enters the number, we do NOT and will NOT keep it in our server or system.
  • 2. How can I check the status of my order?

  • You can check the status of your order by the email notifications that are sent to you. Also you can log into your account. Go to "My Account" and then go to "View the orders I have made".
  • 3. How can I print my order invoice?

  • You can print your invoice by logging into your account. Click on "My Account" and then "View the Orders I have Made". From here you can choose the specific order you want to print. Use the Internet Browser option to print the order.
  • 4. How long does it take for my order to be Shipped Out?

  • If the order is received before 1PM PST, we can have it shipped out the same day. However, during busy times such as Mondays, it might be very difficult. Also orders received on weekends will be shipped out first thing on Monday. Delivery date depends on the shipping method chosen.
  • 5. How much is your minimum order?

  • The minimum order amount is $50, there are no exceptions.
  • 6. If my payment did not go through why is there a hold on my bank or credit card?

  • When the customer places the credit card number and billing information it is very important that there is no error. Moreover, for Authorize.Net the billing and shipping address MUST be the same for the order to be processed. Also the policy from Authorize.Net states:

    When a transaction is declined for Address Verification Service (AVS) or Card Code Verification (CCV), the transaction has still been approved by the card issuing bank. Meaning the requested funds have been placed on hold, thereby reducing the customer's available credit. This is not an actual charge to the credit card and the card issuing bank releases funds back to the card after the authorization expires (usually within two weeks but up to one month depending on the credit card issuing bank). If requested, a hold can potentially be voided by contacting the customer's credit card issuing bank.

    If you call the credit card issuing bank to request a void, you must have the transaction's authorization code, the credit card type that was used for the transaction, and your Merchant Number associated with that card association (e.g. Visa). If you don't know your Merchant Number, please call your Merchant Service Provider (MSP).

    If you want to get the hold on the account released, please do not call or email www.WholeSaleJewelryTown.com. We do not have the authority or the ability to release your hold. You need to contact your bank. Some banks may take longer to release the hold, and that is the policy of the bank. Authorize.Net also does not have the ability to release the hold on your bank.
  • 7. What method of shipping do you use?

  • The primary shipping method use is UPS. However, other shipping methods are used when it is requested or for international shipping. To use other shipping method, please make note on "Add Comments About Your Order" section, during the check out process.
  • 8. Where can I find my tracking number?

  • Tracking numbers are usually emailed to the customer. Also you can go to your "Orders" when you log into your account to the tracking number. If the tracking number is not shown even though the order status is "Shipped Out", please email us so that we can provide the number.
  • 9. Why are the prices not shown?

  • Prices are only displayed when user is logged into their account. Since this site is wholesale only, prices are shown to those that are registered with a valid reseller's or tax ID number.